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RE.WORK: Q&A with John Ansbach, GDT

John Ansbach was featured on the RE.WORK blog this week.
John Ansbach is the General Counsel for GDT, a global technology company that provides high technology products and services to commercial enterprises. GDT keeps businesses connected by providing the crucial bridge between technologies and their bottom-line business requirements.
We caught up with John for a quick chat, ahead of his appearance at the Internet of Things Summit next week.
What is the greatest opportunity in your industry to positively impact business and society?

Quite simply, our greatest opportunity as a technology integration provider, particularly in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, is in helping people to think differently about the role of technology, whether in a social or business environment. That means thinking not about “technology challenges,” but about solutions to business and societal challenges utilizing the latest technology. This means thinking differently about the creation of knowledge from data – not only harvesting raw information but employing tools, such as artificial intelligence, to analyze the data with the intention of opening up understanding and generating opportunities. Whether in healthcare, energy, smart city administration, or telecommunications, there is tremendous opportunity to use IoT to capture information and leverage it towards all kinds of solutions.