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SD-Branch: Smart, Simple, and Secure

In an AI-driven enterprise, a simple and secure branch starts with flexible, secure connectivity to the enterprise network and multicloud. Juniper’s AI-driven software-defined (SD)-Branch solution provides this with AI-driven SD-WAN powered by Session Smart Routing, branch LAN switches, and Mist Wi-Fi — all managed from the Mist Cloud.

With this solution from Juniper, you can manage your own instance or consume SD-Branch through GDT’s managed offering. Regardless of which is the right fit for your organization, you would benefit from the centralized visibility and orchestration of network and security policy. Your automated and secure SD-Branch accelerates and ensures business services while improving economics and your end-user application experience.

For the IT user, SD-Branch automates and expedites configuration and deployment with flexible and easy-to-use templating tools. It also enables you to quickly get devices up and running with Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) claim codes, and it reduces mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) with AI-driven insights from client to cloud. Perhaps best of all, it offers enhanced visibility into user experience and network health with Service Level Experience (SLE) metric. In terms of security, adaptive encryption and hypersegmentation allows for strong security without compromising performance, and built-in Zero Trust Security includes deny-by-default and multi-hop authentication. AI-driven SD-WAN is SASE enabled with 100% open APIs.

The tunnel-free SD-WAN architecture means that end users can enjoy fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for superior experiences. Seamless application failover also means they enjoy uninterrupted voice and video services. Behind the scenes, the proactive AI-driven insights of SD-Branch allows IT to find and resolve network issues quickly, often before the end user would even feel the impact.

Whether IT or end user, everyone can enjoy the cost savings of SD-Branch. It reduces time-to-value by getting the network up and running quickly and reduces bandwidth costs by virtue of its tunnel-free architecture. Network issues can be found and resolved faster, which reduces costly downtime and improves productivity.

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